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A Balanced Dog is a Happy Dog!

Balancing our dog’s physical health, emotional health, and wellbeing enables them to enjoy calm behaviour and optimal function – allowing them to engage freely and naturally in life.

Hi, fellow dog lovers!

My name is Marguerite and my focus is to bring balance, health and harmony into your pack.

We all want a happy, well behaved and well-adjusted canine family member.  We love our dogs, and to honour them is to learn about what makes them tick, what they need to help them flourish, and what works for them in their dog world, so we can provide that for them in our human world.  And like us, their needs change from time to time. Recognising this and getting the right help for them is really important. 

I am focused on working with you and your dog to achieve this, using a variety of assessments, techniques and strategies around behaviour and health. There are many things that can tip our dogs off-balance – surgery or illness, a twist or strain, an unpleasant experience that results in phobia or anxiety, a house move, change in the family or environment, our own lack of consistency with our behaviour, and a big one – our stress. Unintentional, of course, but by nature, dogs absorb our energies to help us feel more relaxed. That is the therapist in them, and we love them for it. A rebalancing session can be most helpful in relaxing and settling them in return, releasing pain and anxiety.

In 30+ years of working with dogs and their people, using simple strategies and techniques to facilitate fast, easy and positive change, I have seen success in happy dogs and happy owners.  With just a little patience, understanding and a touch of know-how, you can have an awesome partnership with your dog. They are unconditional and give us so much, serving up endless inspiration by teaching us about presence and awareness. Dogs want a purpose and appreciate being a contributing and meaningful member of the family.  They LOVE teamwork, so let’s help them reach their potential and utilise that amazing canine brain. DogWise helps you to do this in ways that suit you and your situation.

Be the kind of owner that enables your dog to thrive and reach their potential.

– Marguerite Marinkovic


Whole Energy Body Balance is a combination of:

  • Hands-on bodywork – releasing tension and  mobilising core body structures
  • Craniosacral and subtle energy balancing

This method addresses and interacts with the entire physical body and energy systems of animals, as well as people.  On a physical level, it relieves tension in the neuro-fascial network, and this has a positive flow-on effect for the entire body. This method also has a profound impact on mental and emotional issues, releasing and integrating trapped layers of trauma and post-traumatic stress. 

Many people are aware of the way we tense our muscles in relation to stress, and animals are no different. Silent, chronic pain is something that affects many animals. Neck and back pain is a common issue, as is neuro-fascial pain, also known as pain of the connective tissues.  

It can bring significant improvements to dogs with even severe anxiety- e.g. separation anxiety, reactivity, phobias, over-arousal and being generally unsettled etc. This method helps them learn to relax, be calm and be able to engage appropriately with the world and people around them.

The benefits for your dog are life-changing, and even small changes can have a big impact! 

  • Ease of restriction and pain
  • Accelerated recovery from injury or surgery
  • Healthy movement
  • More relaxed and calm
  • Improved function and flexibility
  • Wellbeing and joy
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Call for a free 15-minute phone consultation to discuss your concerns and to determine the most effective strategy/sessions for your needs.

Services – $NZ     ½ hour $60.00    3/4hr $90.00     1hr $120.00

Travel to you (as required) will be a variable cost depending on distance.

Connective Distant Healing Sessions   $30.00  local/international 

Skype Sessions by arrangement           Gift Vouchers available


Qualified Practitioner – Whole Energy Body Balance – pending member of International Institute for Complementary Therapy

Human/Canine Interface – Animal Studies Institute, England – facilitated by John Fisher 

Principles of Canine Behaviour – Massey University – Dr Kevin Stafford 

Facilitator Puppy Pre School Classes

Lecturer at Wintec to Senior Veterinary Nurses on Canine Behaviour

Referrals from some Veterinary Clinics & Councils re Behavioural Issues

Dog Obedience & Agility Instructor

National Dog Obedience Title & CDX/ADX qualifications with my dogs

Animal Behaviour -Power of Positive Training – Kerrie Haynes-Lovell 


“Not to hurt our humble brethren is our first duty to them, but to stop there is not enough.  We have a higher mission to be of service to them whenever they require it.”        

– Saint Francis of Assisi


I can not put into words the difference Marguerite’s therapy made, not only to Ruby, but to our happiness with her. Marguerite picked up on things and in a gentle positive way made the changes that were needed. Daisy is a totally different dog, her needs were training and helping us find ways to deal with the challenges this amazing character was posing us. Easy, quickly productive solutions were implemented.

I live in Belgium.  After making contact with Marguerite she recommended a Connective (Distant) healing for my young dog. Immediately after the treatment, there was a huge change in Naia. It was as if something heavy was gone. Before the treatment she tried to hide all the time. Afterwards she started to run all over the garden exploring her new home. She had never done this before. Her eyes looked happier and light came into her eyes. She started to feel confident at our house and started also to play. I’m so thankful to Marguerite that Naia received that treatment.

Eden suffered ongoing grief for a year after the death of her second owner, and that tail didn’t wag much.  Fortunately, I met Marguerite and she offered to have a therapeutic session with Eden.  I was not sure what she could do, but was open to finding out.  As I watched, Eden went into a very relaxed state, and after a short time, let out a huge sigh.  Following that, she slept for about 30 minutes, then stood up, shook herself, and that tail wagged! Now a much happier girl.

Marguerite came to see us to help us train our dogs, to understand our dogs better and improve their behaviour. One dog had been depressed for quite some time, and wouldn’t engage properly, she was very unhappy. In the course of our Consultation with Marguerite, she connected in with this dog to see what might help. While our dog didn’t engage at the time, a connection was definitely made. The next day, our dog was back to her joyful self, full of fun and engaging with us again! She had a new lease on life! 

Due to over exercising my young Miniature Schnauzer who had a right anterior cruciate ligament injury, he went from being a very happy, active, vibrant and fast dog, to a sad dog who couldn’t sit, would struggle to stand up from lying and would hobble and walk slowly and with great difficulty. The therapeutic bodywork that Marguerite facilitates works profoundly well. There were noticeably changes in Nero’s gait and ease of movement after only two sessions, and the improvement has continued with more sessions. He is again fast, happy and vibrant.

Marguerite was fantastic from the first time I called her. She was helpful and efficient and provided an excellent service. Our dogs responded so well to her presence, and she gave my partner and I a lot of knowledgeable advice. We came away from our session with a clear understanding of our dog’s behaviours and a plan of how to change them. The most important thing Marguerite helped us with was working as a team when training our dogs.

The emotional trauma releases have had a very profound impact on our dog. Otis is calmer and sleeping deeply now through the night. With the physical therapy I see a more energetic dog now down the dog park….his smile has grown and he has a real bounce in his step. We are so very grateful for your work. You are so incredibly present and gentle when you are working on Otis and he is so calm and accepting of your treatments. The whole experience is stress free and the outcomes very worthwhile.



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